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About us

Roastea was founded in Spring 2020. As our original experience lies in aviation, we understand how important coffee and tea are. Here at Roastea we sell coffee that is specially roasted for the customer and can be roasted to any grind thinkable. Our teas are all fresh and are carefully selected, with some amazing and very unique flavours. We are looking forward to providing you with amazing coffee and tea in the near future.

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How about joining us on our journey through different flavours inspired by different beautiful cities around the world. Every city is unique, so is every coffee. Go to our online shop and start exploring!

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our brand is personal

We don't just bulk order coffee or tea. We order it especially for you with one of the best coffee roasters in the UK. This is why your coffee is roasted on the same day that we ship it to you. And... it even has your name on the package.... truly unique.

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Our Brand is young

When you walk into a supermarket and want to buy coffee, they all look the same. We wanted to develop a coffee brand that is not only fresh and vibrant but also guarantees you perfect quality and perfect taste.

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