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Our Coffees

All our coffee are freshly roasted and we only use the highest quality beans. Our teas are all fresh and unique and have so much more taste then your ordinary brand. Below you will find an overview of all our products and some more information about them. Please get in touch if you would like to know more before you buy.

Manchester house blend

Our manchester blend is smooth with a nice gentle aftertaste. This medium coffee is perfect to drink daily. We absolutely love the smell of this coffee that reminded us of one of the may coffee shops in Manchester.

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Our Amsterdam blend is light and smooth. That makes this coffee perfect to drink black which is the common way the dutch drink their coffee.

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Our Helsinki blend is a little bit more bitter and has a bit of a spicy aftertaste. A very versatile coffee that you can drink any way you like it.

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Our strong milano

If you like a nice strong coffee then Milano is your perfect choice. It has a little bit of robusta in it, giving it more spice but is not bitter. Milan is famous for their strong coffee blends. This coffee represents the beautiful flavours that you would find in this iconic city

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Our Barcelona blend is smokey, smooth and a little strong. But is also has a very fresh aftertaste. A perfect coffee to drink with your friends on the balcony or in your garden. Just like the Spanish would do in one of the most social cities in Europe… Barcelona

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Oslo Decaffeinated

We all need some time to relax. What better place to relax then the beautiful city of Oslo. In this Norwegian place it is all about the views and the fresh air. Our Oslo coffee is a perfect blend with no caffeine

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