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English Breakfast Tea

£4.95 £4.45

A blend of black tea leaves to create a familiar and refreshing brew perfect for early mornings. This blend uses a variety of leaf size that hold together well as a dry leaf, but deliver their differing qualities in the...

Moroccan Mint

£4.95 £4.45

North African countries have used mint in their cooking and drinks for many years. So when Europeans first brought tea to the regions, they naturally blended it with mint. Moroccan Mint is the most fresh tea we have here at...

Green Gunpowder

£4.95 £4.45

This tea is manufactured using steam and rolling equipment to roll the leaf in to green balls that open up when steeped.  It has a greenish dry golden liquor with a light smoke and nutty character. We find this tea...

Rooibos Tea

£5.95 £5.35

Rooibos tea is incredibly smooth and gentle with a natural sweetness and slightly nutty taste. When brewed for longer, rooibos is full-bodied and rich, and you can smell the warm woody notes rising from your cup or teapot

Passion Fruit & Orange

£4.95 £4.45

This tea is very exotic and fruity. It’s a beautiful mix of passion fruit and orange that gives it a nice sweet taste and a variety of tastes. Not does it only tastes amazing, this tea also has a beautiful...

Lemon & Apple

£4.95 £4.45

Our Lemon & Apple tea is a very special infusion blend. The light and fresh flavour of the lemon combined with the slightly sweet and fruity aftertaste of the apple makes this a perfect tea that smells & tastes amazing.

Earl Grey

£4.95 £4.45

A blend of the finest Keemun, Darjeeling, Ceylon and Assam scented with the delicate aroma of the Bergamot fruit. The leaf is large and well blended, giving a light and bright liquor with a beautifully fragrant liquor. The quality of...

Kiwi & Strawberry

£4.95 £4.45

Roastea Kiwi & Strawberry is a exotic and fruity tea. It's a perfect drink to enjoy this summer that is light and has an amazing smell... This tea is the perfect afternoon tea to enjoy with a nice home baked treat..

Lemon & Ginger

£5.95 £5.35

Our lemon & Ginger tea is fresh and smells amazing. It is a perfect tea to start the day with. This tea is used by a lot of people for weight loss or detox. It is good for your body...


£4.95 £4.45

Darjeeling tea is a tea grown in the Darjeeling district, Kalimpong District in West Bengal, India, and widely exported and known. It is processed as black, green, white and oolong tea. When properly brewed, it yields a thin-bodied, light-coloured infusion...