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Serving our neighbourhood

Serving our neighbourhood

We're about two weeks in now and selling our products to lots of family and friends. But, one of the biggest group of costumers at the moment are our neighbours....

Packed with our grey backpack full of coffee and tea, we are walking down our street. We are lucky to live in a very enclosed estate with lots of friendly neighbours who are all in a facebook group. Following our post about of situation and career change, lots of them were curious about our new products. So, last week, we started delivering our freshly roasted coffee and our loose leaf tea to our new costumers. 

It was something that we really enjoyed. The packets are all personalised and it is so rewarding to see that they were all very happy with the products. But... it is not all about the packaging. It's about the social interaction with the people around us. Of course from a safe distance. 

I thought that the core of our business would be online. But, having done the deliveries this week and selling to people face to face, got me thinking about what we can do with this personalised service. We hope more and more friends, family and neighbours will join our group of costumers. 

So far... all the reviews are amazing and we are so happy that we can bring these fresh products to the people around us... I can't wait until next week so we can go out and do our deliveries again. 


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